common dreams

The abstract language of dreams has continually mystified psychologists; many have given up trying to rationalize them and explain their impact upon our lives – Ian Wallace hasn’t.

Over a period of 30 years, he has analyzed and interpreted over 150,000 dreams. He has compiled a list of the 9 most common dreams, their possible meanings, and how we can understand them in the context of our waking lives. Get and read the great book named The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Dreams you Dream

9. Finding an Unused Room
Find an unused room

Possible meaning: The rooms in a house represent distinctive aspects of your personality; coming across an empty or unused room could be interpreted as the discovery of a hidden talent.

Course of action: The more time you spend trying to understand yourself and your talents, the more likely new opportunities for advancement will arise in your waking life.

8. Out of Control Vehicle
Out of Control Vehicle

Possible meaning: The car represents the ability to maintain progression towards a particular ambition. The car veering out of control can be perceived as a lack of direction and focus.

Course of action: Rather than always attempting to control every aspect of a situation, try relaxing and letting your instincts guide you to the most appropriate course of action.

7. Falling

Possible meaning: Falling in a dream can mean you are finding it hard to let go of a specific situation in waking life.

Course of action: Instead of trying to maintain control in a troublesome situation, consider letting go and allowing events to resolve naturally – time is a healer.

6. Flying


Possible meaning: The ability to fly in a dream can symbolize the end of a situation that has impeded progress in your waking life.

Course of action: Although flying in a dream can seem fortuitous, it is usually related to making a tough, yet necessary decision or conquering an overbearing situation in waking life.

5. Unprepared for an Exam
unprepared for an exam

Possible meaning: Exams are how we assess our abilities; this dream can imply you are assessing and analyzing your abilities in waking life.

Course of action: Instead of over-analyzing yourself and your failings, try focusing on, and celebrating your achievements and successes – acceptance over judgment.

4. Naked in Public

Possible meaning: Our choice of clothes is related to how we like to present ourselves to people around us. Appearing naked in a dream can indicate an area of great uncertainty and vulnerability in waking life.

Course of action: Although opening up to others is hard, sometimes it is a way of allowing others to perceive you in a different light.

3. Unable to Find a Toilet
Unable to Find a Toilet

Possible meaning: Needing the toilets is a fundamental part of everyday life. Being unable to find a toilet in a dream can mean you are having trouble expressing your fundamental needs in waking life.

Course of action: Spend more time prioritizing your needs, rather than prioritizing the needs of others.

2. Teeth Falling Out

Teeth Falling Out

Possible meaning: Your teeth represent your confidence and how powerful you feel in a situation. To dream about losing your teeth can symbolise your confidence being compromised in a situation in waking life.

Course of action: Instead of perceiving the situations as something that will dis-empower you, view it as a challenge and an opportunity to learn – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

1. Being Chased
Being Chased

Possible meaning: There is a situation in your life that needs confronting, yet the means to do so are unclear.

Course of action: Although this dream can seem intimidating, it is really outlining a situation in waking life where there is much to be gained. The enemies you are fleeing from symbolize hidden talents and unfulfilled potential – he who dares wins. Don’t forget to read the great book The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Dreams you Dream