Best 10 inch tablets

Tablets are an amazing option if you are looking for anything that is a bit larger and more feature rich than a mobile phone, but are a bit less in weight, size and power consumption than a regular laptop. Around more than a billion tablets are being used worldwide and their popularity just won’t stop growing. Most tablets available in the markets are much closer to mobile phones than laptops when it comes to sizes, however, there is no shortage of tablets that offer a big screen and superior capability. We’ve brought you a list of the best 10 inch tablets available in the market and that too under $200.

Why go for a 10 inch tablet?

If you intend to buy a tablet for viewing your photos, or for watching movies or even for gaming, you’ll need a good sized screen with a decent display capability: preferably UHD or HD. Though these bigger tablets can be bit bulky, but still compact enough to be a perfectly portable gadget. Most of them have the option to connect an external keyboard while they also have a bit more power, so technically speaking; they are more like a laptop. The 10 inch range is a reasonable size for tablets, so keep an eye for anything around this range.

No doubt the bigger the size the higher the price, but don’t think that a 10 inch tablet would be out of your budget and go hunting for anything smaller instead. The market is flooded with various brands and models of tablets that can be bought at a very affordable price. For something around $200 or a bit less, one can get some amazing 10 inch tablets by some of the world’s best tablet manufacturers. Though you might have to buy something a bit older, maybe a refurbished one or a tablet with a bit less power in the system: but still you’ll get optimal in the best budget tablets available in the market.

Have a look at our selection of the best 10 inch tablets:

Acer IconiaTab 10 NT.L5GAA.00a;A3-A20-K19H acer-iconiatab-10-nt-l5gaa-00aa3-a20-k19h

  • Display: 1280×800 pixel; 10.1” screen
  • Size: 3.0 pounds with 7.4x11x2.3” dimensions
  • System: 1GB RAM; 16GB Internal Drive; 1.3GHz MediaTek-MT8127 Processor

This amazing slim Android 4.4 tablet by Acer is among our most favorite ones, thanks to its affordable price tag and a wholesome good performance. It’s clear, bright screen is really awesome for watching movies, viewing pictures, surfing the net and reading e-books while it’s sound also sounds great for listening to your favorite songs. With a really powerful processor that allows faster loading and operations.

You can also use all your most favorite programs and apps from the Play Store and experience fingertip control over your leisure and work activities. It’s an awesome machine for the multi-taskers while it’s lightweight make it a great choice for the frequent travelers.

Dell Latitude 10 dell-latitude-10

  • Display: HD Graphics, 10” Screen with 8MP Camera
  • Size: 16.8×10.5×3.9”; 3.5 Pounds
  • System: 1.8GHz Intel Atom, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of Internal Drive

If you are not a tech lover and just need a reliable machine for watching videos and surfing the internet, then this budget range tablet by Dell is a great choice. This one is a bit older than most of the previous models we’ve reviewed in this article so you might want to upgrade to the new Windows 10 or to continue using the Windows 8. Though what it lacks in novelty it makes up for with it great internal power and longer battery life. If you are hunting for a machine that will last as long as you need it to without deteriorating, then Dell Latitude 10 is an amazing option.

Its screen is nicely balanced in a sturdy and simple casing and the design despite being a bit plain, is quite satisfactory. Dell Latitude 10 is definitely a no-frills option, but definitely, one which one won’t regret going for.

RCA 10 Inch Windows Tablet RCA 10 Inch Windows Tablet

  • Display: 1280×800 Pixel; 10.1” Display
  • Size: 10.2x8x1”; 2.1 Pounds
  • System: Intel Atom Processor; 32GB Internal Drive; 2GB RAM

Nearly a laptop, yet small enough to be highly portable, this RCA machine pack ample punch and is also a perfect pick if you like the convenience of having a keyboard. You can also detach the keyboard in order to use the machine as a tablet to experience its brilliant full-screen touch functionality. Simple yet versatile in use, this tablet features Windows 10 to help you enjoy your favorite games, programs and apps through its updated interface. This tablet is an optimal choice for the gamers as the tablet boasts upto 30fps and can even run online games with ease.

The tablets high-resolution is perfect for watching TV shows and movies while it’s back and front cameras capture reasonably clear pictures. All these features make it a remarkable choice for people who are on a budget, especially considering that this tablet can even take the place of a laptop, which saves you the expense of purchasing two different devices. Read the complete reviews.

RecPad 10  Recpad 10

  • Display: 1048×1536 Pixels; 9.7 Inch Screen
  • Size: 1.1 Pounds; 9.45×6.61×0.3”
  • System: 1.8GHz Quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 Processor; 32GB Internal Drive; 2GB RAM

Though not a complete 10 inches in size, it’s hard to notice the minor difference in size. It’s slimline, sleek features a screen that goes almost all the way to the edges, that makes the tablet look a bit bigger than its competitors, yet it is very easy to grip and highly portable. Its whopping 2048×1536 screen resolution matches well with that of an iPad, however, with a comparatively very low price tag. It offers insane detail and clarity to let you enjoy your favorite video clips, pictures and movies in superior sharpness and color. It also offers a very large 200GB internal space with an option to add a Micro SD card. The RecPad makes a great choice if one wants the feel and look of an Apple’s product sans Apple’s designer prices. With a great display, superior performance and a long battery life, RecPad is one of the best 10 inch tablets in the market. Read the reviews.

Looking for best 10 inch tablet on a budget? Here’s a selection of top 4 tablets offering power, portability, and decent size without breaking your bank. Our reviews will help you make informed choices.