Fascias And Soffits

Fascias and soffits are both architectural elements, forming part of the interior and exterior intricacies that add charm as well as serve other important functions.
Fascias are the segment of your home’s exterior where gutters are usually attached whereby the soffits are the eaves beneath the Fascias or generally speaking, the underside of any construction.

Both are conventionally made out of materials such as Wood and Aluminium, however with modern creative zest, most are fashioned out of composite substances like Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) and Vinyl.

Why should I get fascias and soffits

–       Because every building needs an efficient gutter system to prevent wood rot. Not only is this quite expensive to repair but it poses not only a health risk but a safety one too. The likelihood of collapsing units is more when wood is rotten.

–       To manipulate interior and exterior architectural designs within your home, e.g. To give the illusion of intimate and spacious settings.

–       Proper Ventilation within your home should not be taken lightly. It is beneficial to ward off curious little animals such as rodents and even bats, to curb the formation of mould and mildew due to wet spaces.

–       Fascia boards stop the pooling of water about your house during rainy seasons.

–       Soffits come with ventilation attributes that allow areas like your attic to have a steady flow of air from under your roof. No more contending with musty odours.

–       Soffits also ensure that temperatures are well regulated, hence reducing the need for air conditioning within your home. For those of you keen on reducing energy costs, this should prove to be an incentive.

–       Soffits also help to reduce moisture condensation within your home through the special ventilation features.

–       Ultimately, both work to ensure that your home retains if not increases its market value due to their protective benefits.

Tips for maintenance
Despite modernized application of plastics and vinyl, they are still prone to wear and tear especially since they are constantly buffeted by winds and rain. Maintenance is not only proper but crucial.
Some of the ways fascias and soffits can be maintained are :-

  1. Purchasing excellent fascia boards, i.e. those made from species of wood that are naturally decay resistant. This is a preventive measure that can double up as maintenance. And picture the unnecessary replacement costs it would save you!
  1. When installing soffits and fascias, try to ensure that either stainless steel or old-fashioned, hot-dipped galvanised nails are used. The frequent exposure to rain or moisture will lead to rust formation and this could become a safety hazard when the soffits underneath gutters begin to loosen.
  2. Clean your gutters as often as you can to avoid excessive weight pulling on the Fascia boards.
  3. Wrapping the soffits and Fascias with prefinished Aluminium will ensure that you never have to paint, prime or scrape your roof edges again.

Buildings and particularly homes serve as shelters from the elements and even offer security, fascias and soffits compliment this need whilst adding a beautiful look to your home.

This article was written by Rebecca Fearn with useful information from The Fascia and Soffits Company. Rebecca is a Yorkshire lass who enjoys amazing food in the great outdoors when she is not writing.