Kenworth T370

Designed to perform even the toughest jobs efficiently over the long haul, the T370 is a medium duty truck that is known for delivering high performance. The Paccar engines available in the vehicle can be coupled with automatic and manual transmissions, and the aerodynamics are definitely the great features that can appeal to any driver. The design emphasizes on the two pieced looks offered by the chrome vertical bar. Like other Kenworth, the interior has wrap round dashboard, rugged chassis, and sufficient space for the drivers. With these features, there are plenty of specs which make the Kenworth T370 an efficient and versatile truck.

Take a look at the Kenworth T370 specs to know more about it.


While the exteriors and interiors are amazing and have features enough to allure customers, the excellent engine and superior suspension quality are the other crucial specs present here. These Kenworth T370 specs make the truck the much-desired option in the market for varied applications.

Paccar Engines offer Perfect Performance

Users expect the truck to get the job done with ease and safety, and this is why Kenworth T370 vehicles are fitted with the Paccar engines. The Paccar PX9 has the output of 260-350 HP with the torque of 1000 lb-ft, and when chosen the Paccar PX7 engines the torque is 750 lb-ft, with the output range of 200-325 HP. Regardless of the engine option, the Paccar engines have the high-pressure common rail fuel system and a supply of a mixture of fuel and air at constant pressure.

Ride and Suspension Quality

The users can choose between rear suspension system that is conventional and the Hendrickson Air Suspensions. While the capacity of the former is 20.000 to 26.000 lb, the latter has a capacity of 21000 to 23000 lbload. It has to be noted that most of the trucks do a decent job while on the bumpy road, but they are not good enough. The driver inevitably experiences a bit of the road quality, as the shock absorbers do not do the job perfectly of preventing the shock entering the cabin. It is also essential to take care when the vehicle is fully loaded. But, what ensures here with Kenworth T370 is less trouble in driving with the power steering. The power steering would let the driver drive as per his wish. The braking performance is excellent, thanks to the combo of hydraulic disk brakes and the ABS brakes.

Design and Build

The big rig aims to be used for tasks that are not too tough. With a decent build quality and the aerodynamics design, the truck is a good catch for tasks that do not involve heavy payloads. However, they can manage the same with minimum fuss. The engines are noisy, but this does not bring down the efficiency of the truck. For the small body roll, the handling is great.

To put things in simple terms, this is big rig designed to meet the needs of the businesses that actually do not need a huge one, but still require a vehicle to manage tough payloads. This is a reliable and rugged vehicle and has a contemporary style. Comfort and design are made to make the driver happy over the long hauls.

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