Locked Out Safe

Is your safe not opening? There may be several reasons that you are experiencing a safe lockout. Fortunately, we have outlined below different methods for opening your safe, which starts by determining the kind of safe that you own and the reason for your lockout.

The kind of safe that you own

You can figure out what kind of safe you own through several ways. There may be company logos at the front of the safe tha you can look at. If your safe does not have these, you may still have receipts and purchase records that contain information about the safe. Again, if this does not work, you can just observe the size and design of the safe. Ultimately, you can just call a professional to do this for you so that you also get expert advice.

Reason for Lockout

Knowing the reason that your safe is locked out will help identify the best method to open it. The key might have broken off inside the lock or the electronic lock might have lost its source of power (e.g. batteries). These can certainly be addressed easily and will not require any special methods. If not, maybe you have forgotten the code, which can be remedied by checking for a reset code in the safe manual or receipt. More secure safes usually come with reset codes for these situations. Lastly, there may be broken bolts or internal components if the safe handle is spinning but still will not open.

Opening the Safe

Safe Bouncing

Less secure safes will open through safe bouncing. Safe Bouncing involves hitting the top of the safe while twisting its handle. This method jolts the interior components of the safe into a position that allows it to open. Note that this highly physical method requires a bit of practice. Moreover, more secure safes cannot be opened this way, as those that can are more vulnerable to thefts and forced openings.

Lock Overriding

Lock overriding can be done on safes that have small electronic keypads as they usually come with a reset code. Examples of these are safes in hotel rooms. In many cases, there is a standard factory code that can be entered to reset the safe. It is best to ask the safe manufacturer for the right reset code that matches the model and type of safe that you have. In addition, there are safes that have openings at the bottom that allows access to a reset switch on the inside of the door. Other than making sure that the safe is not securely anchored down, turning the switch on can also be a difficult task. Note, however, that these methods will not work if the safe has no access to power or has lost its battery power.

Safe cracking

This method can be done only when the safe is fit with a dial combination lock. Moreover, it is a highly technical task that can be done only by professionals and generally will not harm the safe. However, if your safe does not come with a dial combination lock, you can resort to external manipulation methods that may open your safe but will also cause some damage to it. Nevertheless, this damage can be manageable enough that it will not require a replacement of the safe. These external manipulation methods include drilling a hole into the safe and using narrow tools to work on its internal components to open it.

If all the above methods fail to open your locked out safe, you can always call a professional from a locksmiths Dublin agency or the safe manufacturer to get expert help.

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