Locked Out Of Your House

Have you ever been locked out of your house? Maybe you have forgotten your keys inside the house or realized you lost them. A wave of panic may have engulfed you at first, but you shouldn’t remain panicked for long if you know these tips to get into your house

Call housemates for help.

If you live with other people, try calling them to check if any of them are inside the house and can open the door for you. If the house is empty, check if any of them can drive home for a while to open the door.

Look for a spare key.

There may be a spare key hidden somewhere outside your house. Try to recall where it is hidden so you can get the spare key and open the door. If you don’t remember where it is, or if it is not in the spot you thought it was, try calling your housemates to ask.

Try the other doors of your house.

Even if it was your front door that remains locked, it is likely that there are other ways to enter your house other than the front access. The house may have a back door through the backyard, or side entries through the garden, patio, or garage. Try opening these doors first to see if you can enter the house.

Try the dog door.

If your door has a dog door, see if you can enter the house through it. Obviously, only those who have small enough body frames can successfully do this. If you are one of those who do, it might be worth trying.

Try the windows.

Another way you can access your house is through the windows. Go through all the house windows that you can reach and check if they are unlocked and can be opened. Some of your windows may have mesh screens though, so you might need to remove those first.

Use a ladder to access higher-story windows.

If you are fearless enough and there is a ladder that you can use, climb on the ladder to try to open the second story windows the same way you did on ground floor windows.

Use a piece of wire.

Items you can use are a paper clip or a wire hanger, if you have any in the car or if you see any lying on the ground. Insert the wire inside the door lock, and push as far as possible to see if it unlocks. Based on how the door locks, you can try twisting and turning the wire to see if it works.

Call a locksmith.

If all else fails, call a Dublin locksmiths agency to open the door for you. They would usually take just a few minutes to finish the task. Locksmiths may use one of two tools: a bump key and a lock pick.

A bump key is a specially designed key used to open locks of a specific type. Just insert the bump key into the lock, tap it with a hammer, and twist the key a little. With a bit of practice, you may be able to open a locked door with just these tools. In contrast, with a lock pick, one can perform raking or single pin picking, but this choice depends on what kind of lock you are trying to open.

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