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Winter may be a time to hunker down indoors as snowy and icy weather conditions persist. However, when the winter chill subsides and warmer weather takes hold, many people are encouraged to get out of the house. Some may be satisfied to simply head to a local hot spot nearby, but others may have more significant travel plans in mind. If you are thinking about planning a fun-filled trip this spring, consider heading to some of these popular locations in the coming months.

Theme Parks

Spring months are the ideal time to visit theme parks. Lines for rides and attractions are often shorter than during the peak summer season, and you may even find discounted off-season rates in some cases. The weather is often pleasant, so you are not drenched in sweat while waiting in line and walking through the park. There are numerous top theme parks to explore all across the country. This includes the Disney parks in California and Florida. Other notable parks include the Six Flags chain, Knott’s Berry Farm, Hershey Park and many others.


It may still be too chilly to visit northern beaches during the spring season, but the temperatures may easily be in the 80s or higher in southern locations this time of year. You can enjoy many fun-filled days at top beaches with family and friends in areas such as southern California, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina and more. You can even plan a trip abroad to enjoy Hawaiian, Mexican or Caribbean beaches. Even if the water is too chilly to swim in some locations, you can still bask in the sun, enjoy a picnic, toss a Frisbee around or fly a kite.

State and National Parks

The spring season may not be ideal for visiting cold weather national parks, such as Glacier National Park or Rocky Mountain National Park, but there are many other destinations that may garner your attention this season. For example, Big Bend National Park in Texas or Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona are ideal this time of year, and you can camp outdoors or stay in a cabin or a nearby hotel. You can also explore state parks in southern states or low elevation areas for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.

Big Cities and Popular Locations

There may be numerous cities in the United States and beyond that you would like to explore, but you may have not yet had a chance to do so. For example, top urban hubs like Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, Washington, D.C., New York City, Boston and more may be filled with museums, parks, shopping centers, restaurants and sporting venues that you want to explore. If you are planning a trip to a specific city this spring, take time to explore the city’s calendar of events that week. You may be able to time your trip so that you enjoy a special musical concert, sporting event, festival or something else.

Spring is the ideal time to get out of the house and to explore new locations. When your itch to explore new sights urges you to look beyond your local horizon, you can consider some of these excellent travel ideas. With beautiful spring weather coupled with longer days and increasingly green landscapes, this is the perfect time to plan a trip with family or friends.

This article was written by Ryan Thomas from Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting. Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting has guided thousands of whitewater rafting trips on Clear Creek and throughout Colorado.