About Us

NewzRepublic is regularly producing and distributing content for its global audience and employs proprietary technology for continuously testing, learning and optimizing.

Every media organization has a mission. NewzRepublic is on a mission to change what the world considers important and pays attention to. We at NewzRepublic strongly believe that stories that matter can be great stories. Stories that connect all of us, stories that matter for everyone and sometimes, maybe even bring a change to the world. Because we believe that no matter where we live and no matter who we are, we are all part of the very same story.

As opposed to the popular imagination about internet, it more than often narrows our world instead of broadening it. Thanks to the open access to this platform by everyone, it largely fills its space with an ocean of empty, worthless stories that drown out the stories that actually matter.

There exist stories that can open doors to a new and better world. They may make you feel happy,  motivated, surprised, and inspired. But above all, these stories help us connect us with each other and give us what we are actually missing. They build our views about important issues and offer ideas for a positive change in the world. NewzRepublic is on a mission to break those stories and bring them to the forefront, to keep you informed.  However, we don’t ignore the fun factor either. A large number of stories on our site also offer interesting and entertaining content to help you pass your time in a productive way.